About Us

PickArt is the creation of Steve Pickford. The aim is to provide the highest quality images and artefacts from across the world of popular music.

PickArt was born through Steve’s love of Rock ‘n’ Roll and his passion for photography. Steve was a touring musician before moving into business, the idea for PickArt came at a Charity Auction where large format portraits of Rock and Pop stars were being auctioned to raise funds. Steve has been collecting rare and limited edition prints for over 25 years.

Through this he came into contact with other photographers and performing musicians and realised there was a wealth of untapped archival material that wasn’t being seen or appreciated.

PickArt are determined to help photographers realise recognition for their work and equally determined to allow the public to appreciate and enjoy rarely seen images.

These offerings will not only include limited edition prints of selected images but also 100% genuine and authentic memorabilia and artefacts from the careers of famous musical artists.

PickArt focus exclusively on music and musicians. If you love music and you love photographic art you will love PickArt.


Quality Guarantee

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Limited Prints

All our photos will be limited to 100


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