Chrissie Hynde


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Chrissie Hynde.  After being present at the Kent State massacre where National Guard opened fire and killed  protesting students Hynde fled to London.  There she hung around with Malcolm McLaren, Vivienne Westwood, and Johnny Rotten.  She was involved with the early stages of The Clash and The Damned but wanted her own band.  She got her wish in 1978 when she formed The Pretenders. She says her biggest disappointment in music was when she was a teenager and sneaked out of the house to go and see the legend T Rex.  Expecting to see Marc Bolan the famous ‘sex elf’ she said: “He came out in this two-piece jumpsuit with his belly hanging out. I actually broke down in tears.”  Hynde has a daughter, Natalie, with Ray Davies of The Kinks, and a daughter, Yasmin, with Jim Kerr of Simple Minds.   Chrissie Hynde’s priorities shifted as she got older. In 2003, she told the Independent: “I’m not 18 any more, and I don’t live for music It’s not like I’m waitressing any more and I get home and put on an Iggy Pop album just to save my life.”

Chrissie Hynde

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