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Image Size: 46cm x 61cm – With a 25mm white border

Paper Type: Platinum Baryta 300 – This is a high-quality photographic paper

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Marvin Lee Aday was a fat kid. He weighed 240lbs by the time he was in 7th grade.  His size caused him to be mocked and ridiculed at school.  At home things were worse.  His father was a belligerent alcoholic who would beat both Marvin and his mother Wilma.  When his mother died the 18 year old Marvin flung himself on top of her coffin telling the mourners they couldn’t take her.  He left home after his drunken father tried to kill him with a butchers knife.  He claims he cannot sing until he enters into a character “On any record I’ve ever done you’ve never heard me sing.  They’ve all been characters”.  His big break came in the 1973 movie ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ which led onto to him working with Jim Steinman to finish ‘Bat Out of Hell’, the album that cemented his place as the King of theatrical rock.


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