Mick Jagger “Diamond Smile”


Artist Image: Mick Jagger

Title: ‘Diamond Smile’

Location: Malibu, California USA

Year: 1976

Photographer: Carinthia West (Signed)

Image Number: 10/25

Size: 900mm x 1150mm (including frame)


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Carinthia West took this image of Mick Jagger on the beach at Malibu in 1976.  It is one of her favourite shots. Not only was Jagger ‘incredibly relaxed’ but the day old stubble on his chin hinted at what he had been up to in the previous 24hrs.  Ronnie Wood had a house on the beach at the time.
It is called ‘Diamond Smile’ in reference to the small diamond Jagger had inserted into his front right incisor, something many people are unaware of, as it only becomes visible when the light catches it.  Less known is the fact that the diamond replaced a previous emerald.  The emerald had to go because people kept telling him he had spinach stuck in his teeth.

Mick Jagger “Diamond Smile”

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