Ozzy Osbourne & Children


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Image Size: 50cm x 50cm – With a 25mm white border

Paper Type: Platinum Baryta 300 – This is a high-quality photographic paper

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An extremely rare home portrait of the wild-man of rock being an “at home Dad” with Aimee, Kelly, and Jack. While Jack and Kelly have embraced the celebrity life of having Ozzy as their dad, Aimee is more circumspect. Ozzy admits he wasn’t the most present Dad in the world but it hasn’t stopped his kids adoring him. Jack says: “He’s not good at home. I literally remember him as the dude on the couch. He’d pick me up at school occasionally, but I always just got the feeling he was like, ‘What do I do? I’m here and this is not what I’m good at.’” Aimee concurs: “I think that he is incredibly unique, I think he’s talented, I think he’s misunderstood. My dad just wants everyone to be happy and to be doing what they love and I think that sometimes he forgets that’s what he should want for himself as well.”

Ozzy Osbourne & Children

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