Ozzy Osbourne


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Ozzy got his first tattoo when he was just 15. The letters O.Z.Z.Y. across the fingers of his hand. He did it himself with Indian ink and a needle. His dad went mad about it. “I think when you have a tattoo you have to really think about it,” Osbourne says. “I have a few that when I look at them I say, ‘What the fuck was I doing?’ You can’t change your mind, you can’t say, ‘I want a different fucking message on it now.’ On his inner forearm he has a heart locket as a tribute to his mother, and on his right shoulder he has a rose, with the name of his wife Sharon underneath it. She claims he got it while drunk and totally surprised her with it. On his right forearm he has a tattoo of a dagger that has “Mom” across it He got this when he was 16 years old, and he doesn’t really know why: “I don’t understand why I got tattoos all those years ago. I don’t see what the f***ing point was now, but back then you would go for a dagger on the arm.”

Ozzy Osbourne

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