Richey Edwards


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Like all the other members of the Manic Street Preachers, Edwards grew up in Blackwood in Wales.  He was initially the driver and roadie for the band but his way with words saw him become their main spokesman, and then their lyricist.  He was never particularly talented as a musician, but his input with words and design were integral to the Manics early success.  He gained notoriety when during an interview with NME journalist Steve Lamacq he answered a question by cutting ‘4Real’ into his forearm with a razor blade.  Bleeding profusely, he was rushed to hospital and needed 18 stitches in the wound.  The incident propelled the band into mainstream consciousness in the UK.    Edwards suffered from depression and alcohol dependency.  He had to miss promotional appearances and even the Reading Festival because of being in rehab at The Priory  Meaning the band had to appear as a three piece for the first time. He disappeared on 1 February 1995 and has never been seen since, despite repeated appeals.  There are some who think he is still alive and just hiding.

Richey Edwards

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