‘Screaming Target’ – Brian Travers (UB40)

Artist: Brian Travers (signed & dated)

Painting Title: ‘Screaming Target’

Year: 2009

Size: 760mm x 1200mm (canvass)

‘Screaming Target’ – An original painting on canvass by Brian Travers (UB40).
The inspiration for Brian’s ‘calling card’ seen on all of his art and merchandise.
Brian Travers is best known as the saxophonist of the world’s most popular Reggae band, UB40.  What is less well known is that Brian met the other members of the band at Moseley School of Art in Birmingham.   The School, located in a deprived inner city area, was founded in 1900 and was the first purpose-built art school in the country. The school was part of the ‘arts and crafts’ movement that promoted  a broad general education combined with a focus on creativity and craftsmanship as vital in public sector education.  It was closed as a free public school in 1977.
The school is where Brian met Ali Campbell, Earl Falconer, and Jimmy Brown. 
You can explore more of Brian’s art at:

‘Screaming Target’ – Brian Travers (UB40)

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